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Our Story

Movement Therapy Studio (MTS) was founded by two medical professionals based in United Arab Emirates with a passion for postgraduate education and training. The founders strongly believe in continual learning being essential in professional and personal development and frequently attends internationally accredited trainings worldwide. This led to the formation of MTS in the United Arab Emirates in 2013 which aims to serve as an education and training platform in all aspects of health research and events related consultancy.

Due to the demand of specialised education and training for medical and health professionals locally and in the gulf countries focusing on rehabilitation and well-being, a new division of MTS was formed as Movement Therapy Seminars in 2016 covering therapeutic pain management, mind-body rehabilitation and musculoskeletal and movement science. The new division focuses on world class and current education to deepen knowledge and skills in the health sector but also serve as opportunities to learn and collaborate with world renowned experts through live interactive training seminars.

MTS has continued to evolve in health and wellness consultancy providing lean business solutions of adding rehabilitation and wellness lifestyle concepts in the medical, fitness and even hospitality industries and has rebrand as MTS Healthgroup. MTS Healthgroup now provides turnkey solutions and assist in new and existing companies in design/space planning, departmental set up, policies/guidelines implementation, financial forecast, business development and staff training in the emerging markets with offices in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as well as more recently in Singapore.

Our goals are twofold, firstly to connect and combine decades of clinical experience and expertise through knowledge empowerment to drive innovative health solutions of the 21st century. With the ability to adapt and innovate through continuous learning, the company strives to embed the concept of health and wellbeing in existing healthcare, fitness and hospitality concept to help transform a traditional model of medical treatment to preventative care translating into a greater quality of life for everyone in the community with equal access of high quality holistic care.

Our Mission

To be the leading postgraduate specialist education and training provider in the Gulf and Asia Pacific by providing the highest quality of evidence informed education through bespoke and unique training solutions to meet the professional development needs of medical and health professionals.

To be the leading healthcare and wellness consultancy focusing on therapeutic pain management, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal care and wellness services by offering lean business turnkey solutions in the Gulf and Asia Pacific region

Our Vision

MTS hopes to nurture and inspire future generations to support and form a network of experts with specialised knowledge and skills for the changing demand of future health and wellness services in the the region Gulf and Asia Pacific and be at the forefront of health and well being excellence internationally.

Our Pledge

#1 Striving for Excellence

We strive to provide the highest form of quality in every step of the way, with a personal touch and an eye for details to achieve beyond your expectations.

#2 Knowledge is Power

We not only believe in knowledge empowerment, we like to collaborate with individuals and organisations for better integration of knowledge into practice because with teamwork, everyone achieves more.

#3 Corporate Social Responsibilities

We acknowledge the importance of sustaining and enhancing human and natural interactions in what we do and where we are. We aim to reach out to the local community wherever and whenever possible, be the champions of health and well being education and promote a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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