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Many have not heard the name Jean-Pierre Barral even though he is one of the great medical innovators of our time. Time magazine (UK) named Jean-Pierre Barral D.O., one of Time’s Top 6 Innovators for Alternative Medicine to watch for in the new millennium. He is the author of nine international books on manual therapy, including his recent book for the lay-person, Understanding the Messages of Your Body, which has sold over 30,000 copies since the beginning of 2007.

Jean Pierre-Barral is a French Osteopath who started his career as a physiotherapist. What many consider his greatest success is his development of Visceral Manipulation and Nervous System Manual Therapy. Visceral Manipulation is a hands-on therapy that works with the body’s visceral system (the internal organs, muscles, and blood). He does not consider it any great triumph: “You cannot be satisfied because there are so many people suffering, there are so many people you cannot help. I am proud because I work a lot.”

Dr. Barral is dedicated to his patients working 12 hours and day and still loves what he does. He says, “After of practice and teaching I still love what I do. I prefer to die in the standing position.” In addition he is also the Academic Director of the International College of Osteopathy in Saint Etienne, France, and the Chairman of the Department of Visceral Manipulation on the Faculty of Medicine at Paris du Nord.

Dr. Barral developed Visceral Manipulation through his passion and dedication to improve people’s health. Patients come to Dr. Jean Pierre Barral with ailments ranging from stomach ulcers to endometriosis. For each patient, the length and type of treatment varies. The ailments are caused from any number of things such as sedentary lifestyle, physical traumas, surgery (even colonoscopy), infections, bad diet, pollution, pregnancy and delivery. The basis of Visceral Manipulation is that organs are in perpetual motion, whenever we move or breathe, they also move.

To experience Dr. Barral’s teaching first hand, the founder of MTS travelled all the way to Ukraine in January 2017 to attend his latest course on the New Manual Articular Approach (NMAA). NMAA is a manual therapy course that applies a comprehensive approach to the treatment of joints and integrates all aspects of the joint including the nerve, artery, bone, capsule, and ligaments, as well as visceral and emotional connections. Here is what the founder of MTS has to say:

“Learning from Dr. Barral in person is surreal, his 44 years of knowledge in his career, together with his wisdom from his life experiences and incredible precise yet delicate manual therapy hands on techniques were simply just out of this world. This is no doubt World Class teachings at its best!”

As such, MTS is proud to be able to bring the Visceral Manipulation certification program to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the first time in the Middle East with the Visceral Manipulation Module 1 happening on 31st March 2017. Additionally, MTS is looking forward to welcoming Dr. Barral himself to teach in Dubai in the near future. As you could imagine, he has a very hectic teaching schedule and would only be available from 2019 onwards!

For further information on Visceral Manipulation visit the Barral Institute website www.barralinstitute.com.


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